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HMIS (Hospital Managment Information System)
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HMIS ( Hospital Management Information System )

The pharmacy deals with all medical items. Features include issuing of medicines to patients, updating daily stock positions etc. The issuing of medicine is handled through FIFO (First In First Out). It provides enquiry screens for viewing daily stock positions. Separate billing for in and out patients.

High Customizable Administration Features
Built-in flexibility for allocating access rights to different users through passwords. It also deals with the System Related Activity like adding users / delete users, Maintenance of hospital documents, Adding / deleting of wards and beds have the option to define and also modify pricing of Operation, beds and wards, Generating Daily Statistical Summary.

A comprehensive Human Resource Management system
Our HR software supports all common HR tasks such as job history, salary package details, tracking vacation, attendance and performance reviews, promotions. Record incidents and accidents and have access to a Library of reports.

This deals with pay calculations, printing of salary slips, salary and Advance statements, leaves management and enables a monthly report of these operations. Also deals with activities like appointing the staff, maintaining the employee database, Fixing allowances and deductions.

General Ledger
A Financial Management software that help organizations streamline and automate their finance process (from accounting and procurement to reporting and analysis) and to achieve better compliance and corporate governance.

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