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HMIS ( Hospital Management Information System )


Tabeeb® is a user-friendly Hospital Management Information System developed by eConnective Software Solutions, that automates the entire spectrum of general hospital activities such as the patient history, physical examination, progress notes, prescriptions, lab tests and results. It enables fast, accurate and automated collection of patient data and subsequent report generation.

Tabeeb® can manage the patient flow from check-in to checkout.

In a nutshell, Tabeeb®
will definitely improve the quality-of-care a patient receives by fast processing of information and timely information available to doctors / consultants once the manual practices are computerized, there is less chance of human error. Patient will have more trust on the services offered by the general hospital.

A list of Tabeeb® HMIS Modules and some brief details are given below.

Comprehensive Electronic Medical Records for small or large multi-specialty provider networks. Manage the patient flow from check-in to checkout. Review the complete Patient History, from past visits, to current medications, to allergies, labs and charts all by one click of the mouse. Access your patient records immediately.

Communicate electronically with the referring physicians and securely send consult notes and clinical data to referring physicians. This facilitates complete information of all the In / Out Patients assigned to doctors, with Disease Information, facility for writing Prescription, Status Information, Test Undergone & Operation Undergone. Gives access to patient case history, admitting into hospital, sending for lab test, viewing lab reports and option for discharge Summary etc. Assignment for nurse like Medication dose / unit, quantity / timing of medications can be monitored.

Tabeeb® EMR provides flexible and powerful data entry tools to allow the nurse and the physician to enter patient information using predefined phrases. The system learns the physician's vocabulary and develops a high quality clinical content data bank.

Registration / Reception
The reception handles in-patient / outpatient registration and admission, as well as bed allocation through bed matrix. It can handle enquiries about the patient's admission and discharge details and the patient's movements within the hospital. Also includes powerful search, internal messaging and appointment scheduler.

Imagine that you can manage your patients visits with one comprehensive view for all the physicians and resource schedules.

• Specialist modules
• Gynecology
• Medical Specialist
• Skin Specialist
• Eye Specialist
• Dentist
• Surgical specialist
• Anesthetist
• Laboratory pathology
• Radiology
• Wards / Indoor Activity

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