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DocWorx (Document Management System)

Document Retrieval

Document Acquisition

This is a process in which documents are digitized, indexed and stored. The details of these processes are given below.


Documents coming in hardcopies have different sizes, layouts, papers sizes. By using technology of scanning one can easily capture all type of documents.


The Multiple fields indexing system allows you to put all papers in a sequence for easy retrieval. For indexing Key Information is required to retrieve the Documents.


The most important part of Electronic Document Management System is storage. DocWorX® provides reliable storage system. This system accommodates various sizes of documents in different formats. DocWorX® tracks the entire history of each version of the document, including who accessed it and when. Users can even define the way the versions of each file are labeled. All vital documents can be organized and stored collectively in a systematic manner.

Document Retrieval

This is the process, in which users retrieve and access documents and for security purpose only authorized persons can access the data.


Multiple field search capability helps us search for a specific page or document. After locating the page we can access the information, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any workstation. DocWorX® not only gives you access but full control to the information. Full text searching is also available for PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, XLS formats.


To view the required document is not a headache any more; users can easily view the document/s with all supported images in just a blink of an eye. Companies can maintain the flexibility to control access to the documents, according to the user privileges and rights.

Email Option

Any document managed by the DocWorX® can be emailed.

Cross Referencing

A delivery order can be linked with P.O. etc. (The whole chain of documents) in manual indexing only.


DocWorx® is the easiest way to store and retrieve the documents. It helps the user to replace the stacks of papers with easy and less consumed space system.

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