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Technical Support in Pakistan

Pakistan has become the number one choice for offshore technical support. Organizations the world over are choosing Pakistan, because of certified professionals who are experienced and highly skilled. These well-trained professionals have good communication skills and are well-versed in multiple technologies.

Outsourcing Technical Support

NDC-BPO offers technical support services of the highest caliber. NDC-BPO ensures integrated 24 / 7 support, personalized technical support services with state-of-the-art technologies. NDC-BPO also provides high quality technical support services which are delivered at a quick turnaround time.

Outsourcing Technical Support: A Smart Business Option?

Technical support can no longer be treated as a peripheral process. It requires a dedicated and experienced team who will work around the clock to deliver higher value to customers. Outsourcing technical support to offshore partners is an astute business decision and many global companies look for offshore partners to outsource technical support services as they face operational constraints such as:

• High labor costs and attrition rates among technical support staff.
• Keeping infrastructure investments low
• Optimizing allocation of limited resources
• Need to relieve core resources of the organization from routine operations

Outsourcing technical support functions will greatly advantage ISVs and OEMs who need to run the technological race under highly competitive market challenges, allowing them to focus on their core processes without compromising on customer service and support. Let a professional and dedicated team devote all their energy and expertise to providing technical support services. This will prove to be financially profitable for your company and give a boost to your customer satisfaction rate.
Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support Services with NDC-BPO

• Higher revenue and margins due to reduced operational and infrastructure costs.
• Focus on core functions and business value creation.
• Improved operational efficiencies.
• Increased levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
• Leveraging the skills inventory of dedicated technical support teams.
• Multi-language technical support services.
• Facilitates improvements in product design process.
• Improvements in service delivery.
Technical Support Services Outsourcing: Pricing Model

The rates charged for technical support can be based on hourly basis.

• Per hour.
Customer support services

Customers, particularly of technical products, prefer a single and accessible point of contact to resolve their product- and usage-related queries. Post-sale technical support is so vital a function when it comes to selling technical products, that superior support can spell the difference between one product and another. Effective customer support is key to increased sales volumes, competent service delivery processes and determines the level of customer satisfaction. Our technical support consultants are available 24x7 to customers calling in to the Service Desk. Calls may be logged by telephone, email or the web and technical support representatives use a combination of engineering and customer interaction skills to resolve problems satisfactorily. Their performance can be monitored by customers remotely, ensuring transparency. Service delivery parameters are set by the client and executed to benchmarks of quality and response times. .

Technical Support: Range of Services on offer

In the typically competitive business environment of today, superior technical support is recognized as a key factor in customer retention. IT helpdesks ensure increased output within organizations as employees enjoy higher comfort levels with systems in use. .

Outsourcing Inbound Customer Services: The NDC-BPO Advantage

Outsourcing the customer service function is looked at as a strategy for long term competitive advantage rather than a simple short term cost cutting tool. NDC-BPO as an outsourcing destination offers a sustainable value proposition with a young and technology-savvy workforce, superior handling of business process initiatives and sustained cost advantages. .

Outsourcing to NDC-BPO - Good Customer Service

Ensuring customer loyalty for companies has become a challenging task. By understanding what your customer requires, your company will be able to achieve organizational success. If customer care is not part of your core competencies, try outsourcing to NDC-BPO. .

Inbound Customer Service Call Centers in Pakistan: Best Practices

The IT enabled service industry in Pakistan has seen an unprecedented growth with projected figures for 2008 touching a new high. The country has become a BPO hub, having cornered a sizeable market share in the call center industry.

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