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Consumer Debt Collection

In today's highly competitive retail climate the extension of credit is hardly an option - it is an absolute! But while more liberal credit terms attract customers, they don't always attract the "right" customers. As the number of outstanding debts grows with the local collection agencies, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain efficiency and quality without hiring more highly trained staff. Thus resulting in high expenses under the salary account.

Benefits of Outsourcing with US

We offer our collectors at rates that are surprisingly less than it would cost you to train, compensate, and house additional staff and much less than you would have to give up your hard earned profit. Availability of highly trained and skilled professional at reduced cost.

Strict Attention to your details.

Debtor Payments sent directly to you.

High-end Servers for database call & script routing.

For contingencies, we have ensured backups in the entire technological infrastructure, from servers, processors, leased lines and storage systems to fully backed up UPS & generator systems.

All our employees go through an extensive training and language program, to ensure that there are no Cultural or Accent related Issues.

We are proud to offer collectors who are

FDCPA, HIPAA and GLBA trained & tested personnel in the industry.

Skilled and professional collectors in the field of debt collection available throughout the timings as stated by FDCPA. (From 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.)

Able to distinguish a debtor with unfortunate circumstances and a credit criminal.

Willing to guide the uninitiated or hesitant debtor as to the benefits of payment.

Expert communicators who quickly determine what motivates payment.

Adept skip tracers.
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